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Bay Motor Products, Inc. was founded in December of 1982 by David Space and Donald Bleich as a family business.  David was a finance major from the University of Michigan and Donald a Michigan State engineering graduate.

Initially, the company manufactured motors only. Through customer requests, the company was directed into air moving assemblies which led to the development and manufacturing of various Cross Flow, Centrifugal blowers, and Axial Flow fans.   

Don Bleich passed far too young at age 74 in 2004. David Space passed in December of 2013 while still operating the business at age 83. 

Today, Bay Motor Products remains a family business with Andy Robitshek currently serving as President and David Bleich General Manager. 

The company has been revitalized, newly committed to continuous improvement, and lean manufacturing.  We have made and continue to make large new investments in all of our systems as part of an ongoing modernization program and entrepreneurial spirit to a manufacturing company producing in the United States.