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What is the Bay Motor Products, Inc. warranty policy?

Please see our information page on the warranty of our products.

Is there a minimum quantity order?

Yes, Bay Motor Products requires a minimum quantity of 50.

How can I get a replacement part or support for a Ventrola product?

Please see our informational page on Ventrola parts and service.

What is the address from which orders are shipped?

3100 Cass Rd.
Traverse City, MI 49684

Where do we send our payments?

Please remit payments to:
Bay Motor Products
P.O. Box 982
Traverse City, MI 49685

What is Bay Motor Products F.O.B. Point?

Traverse City, MI.

What are your motors certified to?

UL Recognized:
    Impedance protected File E59097 (TYPE: IA-1, IB-1, IC-1, ID-1, IE-1, IF-1 and IG-
   Thermally protected L File E58882 (TYPE: L and 1S)

Class A is standard

UL Class B & H (OBJY2) File E165976

CSA Certified:
   Impedance protected File LR37004-1 (TYPE: IA-1, IB-1, IC-1, ID-1, IE-1, IF-1 and
   Thermally protected File LR37004-2 (TYPE: L)